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International Rugby: Where Excellence Meets the Field. Experience the pinnacle of the sport as you witness the finest athletes competing in prestigious events like the Six Nations, and Rugby Championship. Express your loyalty to your beloved team with top-quality International Rugby Shirts available at Lovell Rugby. Explore our diverse and vibrant range of shirts, suitable for fans of all ages. Represent nations like England, Wales, Scotland , and Ireland with pride.Immerse yourself in the strength of Southern Hemisphere powerhouses through selections like the All Blacks, Australia, Fiji, and reigning champions South Africa. Delve into kits from other corners of the globe, such as Nigeria, Jamaica, and Japan. Wear your nation's colours with pride on the rugby field. Discover our collection below and showcase your unwavering support through International Rugby Shirts! But that's not all – we also present an exceptional array of international rugby clothing and accessories that span the globe. Dive in below to uncover the full spectrum of what we have in store for you. Get ready to support your team in style. Explore our collection of International Rugby Shirts today!


Shop England and join the Steve Borthwick era during his debut tournament.

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Gats is back. Join him and pull on the famous red jersey and roar for the team.

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Pull on the Thistle and cheer for Jamie Ritchie and the boys this Six Nations and beyond.

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Full of Italian pride when you’re pulling on the famous shirt of the Azzurri.

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Join the green army and support the number one team in the world.

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The reigning champions, Les Bleus will be confident they can hold onto the crown.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How should Rugby Shirts fit?

How rugby shirts should fit depends on personal preference and playing style. Generally, they should fit comfortably and not be overly tight. Ensure there's enough room in the shoulder and chest area for ease of movement. Sleeves should reach the mid-bicep, and the shirt should extend to the hip area. Opt for a snug fit around the torso to prevent excessive fabric movement during play. Ultimately, the ideal fit is one that allows for freedom of movement while maintaining a neat and professional appearance on the field.

What are the differences between replica and authentic international rugby shirts?

The differences between replica and authentic international rugby shirts lie in their badge application. Authentic jerseys have heat-transferred badges, creating a seamless look and lighter weight for players. In contrast, replica jerseys feature embroidered badges, giving them a more substantial and weighty appearance.

What material are Rugby Shirts traditionally made of?

Traditionally, rugby shirts were mainly made of cotton and other manufactured materials, including elastane. However, with the advancements in sportswear fabrics, modern rugby jerseys are now predominantly crafted from polyester materials.