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Frequently Asked Questions

Who makes Italy rugby shirts?

Macron is the official supplier of Italy's rugby shirts and kit. The latest Italy Rugby World Cup Home Shirt features a lustrous blue colourway with laurel wreaths dominating the front of the shirt. The Alternate shirt features an all-over white colorway, with laurel wreath graphics again dominating the chest, and the Capitoline Wolf making an appearance on the back, adding to the unique and symbolic design of Italy's rugby jerseys.

What are the different types of Italy Rugby Shirts available?

Italy Rugby Shirts come in various styles, including player-worn authentic jerseys and replica jerseys designed for fans. Authentic jerseys are tailored for on-field performance, while replicas offer a comfortable fit for supporters.

What is the significance of "Gli Azzurri" in Italy Rugby Shirts?

"Gli Azzurri" translates to "the Blues" in Italian and is a nickname often associated with the Italian national sports teams, including the rugby team. It represents the team's iconic blue jerseys.

What is the history of rugby in Italy?

Rugby was introduced to Italy in the late 19th century, and the Italian Rugby Federation (FIR) was founded in 1928. Italy's national team has since grown in prominence and has been competing in international rugby competitions for many years.