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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I choose the right rugby ball for me?

Selecting the appropriate rugby ball size is essential, and it's typically determined by your age and playing experience:

Size 5:

This is the standard adult-sized rugby ball, measuring 285mm in length with a girth of 585mm. It's suitable for players aged 15 and older and is used in most senior-level matches.

Size 4:

Measuring 275mm in length and having a girth of 545mm, the Size 4 rugby ball is recommended for players aged 10 to 14, including junior and youth levels.

Size 3:

With a length of 255mm and a girth of 535mm, the Size 3 rugby ball is designed for younger players aged 6 to 9, making it an ideal choice for beginners and junior rugby.


The Midi rugby ball, measuring 215mm in length with a girth of 420mm, is suitable for various junior and youth levels, offering a transitional size for players progressing from smaller to standard rugby balls.


The Mini rugby ball, measuring 160mm in length and with a girth of 315mm, is intended for the youngest players and is perfect for introducing them to the basics of the game.

What is a replica rugby ball?

A replica rugby ball is a rugby ball designed to resemble the official rugby balls used in professional matches. These balls are typically intended for recreational use, practice, or as collector's items for fans. They closely mimic the appearance, size, and shape of official balls but may not meet the exact specifications required for professional play. Replica rugby balls are more affordable and accessible to a wider range of rugby enthusiasts but are not suitable for use in official matches or competitions.

What is the difference between a match ball and a training ball in rugby?

Match balls are designed for official games and are of the highest quality. Training balls are suitable for practice sessions and are often more affordable. Match balls are constructed to meet strict specifications for professional play.