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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is protection gear important in rugby?

Protection gear is crucial in rugby to minimize the risk of injuries from tackles, collisions, and physical contact. It provides an additional layer of safety for players during gameplay.

What protection can you wear in rugby?

In rugby, you can wear a head guard, commonly known as a scrum cap, to provide protection for your head and ears during games and practices, particularly in tackles and scrums. This essential piece of gear offers added safety and helps reduce the risk of head injuries during physical play on the field.

Do scrum caps prevent cauliflower ear in rugby?

A scrum cap serves as headgear worn by rugby players to shield the ears from potential injuries during scrums, where conditions like "cauliflower ears" can arise. While initially intended for forwards, its utility has expanded to encompass players across positions, extending beyond the scrum participants themselves. This protective gear has found relevance even among those not directly engaged in scrummaging, aiming to mitigate the risk of ear injuries and foster safer play on the rugby field.

How do I choose the right gumshield?

When choosing the right gumshield (mouthguard), consider reputable brands like Opro, Shock Doctor, and Sondico, available at Lovell Rugby. These brands offer a range of high-quality mouthguards with excellent protective capabilities. Opro, Shock Doctor, and Sondico are well-known for their custom-fit mouthguards, providing optimal protection due to their precise designs tailored to fit your mouth perfectly. They ensure a secure and comfortable fit on your upper teeth without relying on the lower jaw for support. Investing in a mouthguard from these trusted brands will give you peace of mind during physical activities, knowing that your teeth and mouth are well-protected. Don't settle for generic or ill-fitting options when you can get top-notch protection from Opro, Shock Doctor, and Sondico mouthguards available at Lovell Rugby. Consult with a dental professional or check the Lovell Rugby website to find the best-fitting mouthguard that suits your needs and preferences.