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Frequently Asked Questions

What equipment do you need to play rugby?

To play rugby, you need essential equipment that ensures safety and performance on the field. The must-have items include a rugby ball, rugby boots with suitable studs, a mouthguard for teeth protection, and rugby shorts and a jersey for proper attire. Additionally, wearing rugby socks, and headgear (optional) can provide added protection during physical play. Invest in quality rugby equipment to enjoy a safe and enjoyable rugby experience.

What do the sizes in Rugby Balls mean?

The sizes of rugby balls indicate the appropriate age groups for their use. Size 3 is intended for mini rugby, suitable for under 7's, U8's, and U9's. Size 4 is designed for junior rugby, catering to under 10's, U11's, U12's, U13's, and U14's. Size 5 is the standard ball used in full-size rugby for players aged 15 and above, including adult and professional levels. Choosing the right size ensures proper handling and performance for players of different ages and skill levels.

What is a Kicking Tee?

A kicking tee refers to a rugby accessory utilized to elevate the rugby ball from the ground, ensuring proper clearance and a secure grip for players when attempting kicks, such as conversions. Our personal favourite is the Kicking Tee range from Rugby Bricks!

What is a tackle bag in rugby?

A tackle bag in rugby is a specialized training tool used to simulate tackling during practice sessions. It is a cylindrical or rectangular padded bag made of durable materials, designed to withstand repeated impact. Rugby players use tackle bags to practice and refine their tackling techniques, helping them develop proper form, strength, and timing for effective and safe tackles on the field. Tackle bags come in various sizes and weights to cater to different training needs, making them an essential component of rugby training equipment.

Why do rugby players use wrist and ankle supports?

Rugby players use wrist and ankle supports to provide stability, protection, and injury prevention during matches and training. Wrist supports, such as wraps or braces, help maintain proper alignment and reduce the risk of sprains or strains, especially when handling the ball, tackling, or engaging in contact. Ankle supports offer additional reinforcement to the ankle joint, guarding against twists and sprains that can occur during sudden changes in direction or collisions. These supportive accessories contribute to player confidence, allowing them to perform with reduced fear of injury, enhancing both safety and performance on the rugby field.