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Elevate your training sessions with the world's leading ball sports rebound net – Crazy Catch. Designed to enhance drills and sharpen reflex skills, Crazy Catch nets are trusted by leading teams worldwide. Explore the range of these fantastic training tools at Lovell Rugby and take your performance to the next level. Shop now and experience the difference rebound nets will add to your game!
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Frequently Asked Questions

What does a rebound net do?

A rugby rebound net, also known as a rugby rebounder, is a specialized training tool designed to enhance your rugby practice sessions. Here’s how it works:

Catching Practice: The primary function of a rugby rebound net is to bounce the ball back to the player. This allows the player to practice catching individually or as part of a group drill.

Improves Ball Skills: Rugby rebound nets can be used to improve players’ ball-catching technique through a variety of fun rugby drills. This can help in enhancing the player’s overall performance in the game.

Versatile and Convenient: Rugby rebound nets are easy to set up and transferable. They can be set up in one place or packed down and quickly set up in a new location. They are suitable for all ages and skill levels and can be used on any playing surface.

Protects Your Equipment: Practicing rebounds against a wall could damage your ball over time. However, the material used in rugby rebound nets will not damage your ball in any way.

Quiet Practice: Hitting a ball against a wall can cause loud noises, potentially upsetting your neighbors. With rugby rebound nets, you can quietly enjoy practicing your skills.