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At Lovell Rugby, we prioritize your safety and performance by offering top-quality Rugby Headguards and protective apparel. Our headguards are an essential piece of equipment in rugby, designed to provide impact absorption, protection against abrasions, traction, and psychological comfort.

Our Rugby headguards, often referred to as scrum caps or headguards, are designed with padding that absorbs the impact of collisions and tackles, reducing the risk of cuts, abrasions, and concussions. They also offer protection against the elements on the field, such as grass, mud, and synthetic surfaces, helping you avoid minor head injuries during tackles or ground-based plays. Some models even include textured or rubberized areas that enhance grip when binding with other players in scrums or mauls, providing control and stability during these physical set pieces.

Wearing our headguards can also provide an added sense of psychological comfort and confidence, leading to more assertive play. They can help prevent soft-tissue injuries like “cauliflower ears”, reduce the risk of any cuts and scratches to the head, and keep hair out of the face and eyes, removing the risk of it being pulled on during a tackle.

Explore trusted brands such as Canterbury, Kooga, and Oxen. We offer sizes for kids and adults, catering to all budgets. Choose from traditional black, vibrant colours, or patterned designs from the likes of Canterbury, Oxen and Kooga. Prioritize safety without compromising style with our diverse range of Rugby Headguards and Rugby Protection for Adults and Kids at Lovell Rugby. Safeguard yourself on the pitch with Lovell Rugby.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a rugby headguard, and why is it used?

A rugby headguard is protective headgear worn by players to reduce the risk of head injuries, including cuts, abrasions, and impacts. It provides additional protection during tackles and collisions.

Are rugby headguards mandatory for all players?

Rugby headguards are typically not mandatory in most rugby competitions. However, they are allowed and often recommended for added safety. It's worth noting that an increasing number of players, even in professional tournaments, have started to wear headguards as a preventive measure against conditions like cauliflower ear.

Can rugby headguards prevent concussions?

While rugby headguards provide protection against cuts and impacts, they cannot completely prevent concussions. The primary aim is to reduce the risk of surface injuries.

Do headguards prevent cauliflower ear in rugby?

Yes, head guards are a type of headgear used in rugby that are specifically designed to protect the ears and help prevent conditions such as cauliflower ear, which can occur from injuries during scrums. Initially, scrum caps were primarily used by forwards, who are directly involved in scrums. However, their use has expanded over time to include players in all positions, not just those participating in the scrum. This is because the protective benefits of scrum caps are recognized as valuable for all players, helping to reduce the risk of ear injuries and promote safer play on the rugby field. So, whether you’re a forward, a back, or somewhere in between, wearing a scrum cap can provide an additional layer of protection and peace of mind during the game.

Can rugby headguards be used in other contact sports?

While rugby headguards are designed for rugby, some athletes in other contact sports may choose to use them for similar protective benefits. However, it's important to consider the specific rules and regulations of each sport.