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Step onto the rugby pitch with confidence, knowing you’re well-protected with our Rugby Body Armour collection at Lovell Rugby. Our Body Armour is designed to minimize the impacts of regular contact situations such as tackles and scrums, providing solid protection to your shoulders and upper body areas which are often subject to bruising and abrasive injuries.

Our Rugby Body Armour enhances player safety, protecting you from cuts, bumps, and bruises. Moreover, it aids in recovery between training sessions by reducing the physical toll on your body. Worn by top players like Zach Mercer, Grant Gilchrist, and Josh van der Flier, you’ll be in great company repping our Body Armour on the pitch.

We stock a wide range of rugby protection from trusted brands such as Gilbert and Canterbury, including headguards and shoulder pads, designed to help defend you from injury and reduce the impact of hard tackles and pitches. Our collection includes protection vests, shoulder pad tops, and more for both adults and kids.

Remember, while our Rugby Body Armour provides a level of protection, it does not make players invincible. Proper technique, adherence to the rules of the game, and respect for other players are also crucial for safety in rugby. Stay safe and stay on form with Lovell Rugby.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can you wear body armour in rugby?

Yes, you can wear body armour in rugby. There are varieties available, including options with shoulder padding and those that provide protection to the shoulders, back, and chest. While not mandatory, wearing body armor is highly recommended as it can reduce the impact on these areas, ultimately decreasing both the frequency and severity of injuries in rugby. Additionally, body armor can also be beneficial for training purposes, allowing players to safely practice tackling and contact skills.