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Frequently Asked Questions

Who designed the All Blacks 2023 Rugby World Cup jersey?

he All Blacks 2023 Rugby World Cup jersey was designed by French artist Fey the Wolf in collaboration with adidas. Fey the Wolf worked closely with the New Zealand squad, gaining an understanding of Maori traditions. The design aimed to take the iconic fern associated with the team and create a distinct and unique jersey, ensuring that each shirt is unlike any other, resulting in a truly unique and meaningful piece for the team.

Why is the All Blacks kit black?

Answer: The All Blacks rugby team adopted the black kit in 1901 when they decided to replace their white knickerbockers/shorts with black ones. While the exact reason is not entirely known, it is suggested that the switch to black may have been practical. Black rugby gear is easier to launder compared to white, which is an important consideration given the physical nature of the sport. This change to the iconic black kit has since become a symbol of the All Blacks' identity and is recognised worldwide.