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Frequently Asked Questions

Who makes France rugby jerseys?

Le Coq Sportif is the official kit supplier for the French rugby team. Their latest jersey design for the 2023 Rugby World Cup represents a fresh and innovative look for the tournament. Featuring a sublimated front design, the jersey also bears the inscription "Notre Maillot, Notre Histoire, Notre Pays" on the collar, which translates to "Our Jersey, Our History, Our Country." This inscription reflects France's rich cultural heritage and its deep connection to rugby, making the jersey more than just sportswear but a symbol of national pride and history.

What should I consider when choosing between authentic and replica France rugby shirts?

When choosing between authentic and replica shirts, consider factors like fit, materials, and price. Authentic jerseys are designed for players and have a tighter fit, while replicas are more relaxed and budget-friendly. Authentic jerseys may also incorporate advanced materials.

What logo is on the jersey of France?

The logo on the jersey of the France rugby team is the Gallic Rooster (Coq Gaulois). This symbol originated from the old Latin name for France, Gaul, which led to the people from the region being referred to as 'Gallus,' also translating to "rooster" in Latin. The Gallic Rooster is an iconic and historical emblem that represents the French national identity and is prominently featured on the team's jersey.

Are there official France rugby shirts for kids?

Yes, official France rugby shirts are often available in youth or kids' sizes, allowing young fans to support the team by wearing their favourite jerseys.