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Shield your teeth and gums from the harsh impacts of tackles, rucks, and mauls with a Sondico Mouthguard. Choose the Ergo Fusion High Performance Mouthguard for a moldable design that ensures a custom fit and stays securely in place, even during the most gruelling scrums and intense try-saving situations. It’s designed with breathing channels to help you maintain focus on your game, whether you’re a forward pushing in a scrum or a back sprinting down the touchline.

Alternatively, the Sondico ErgoFit offers premium quality gel for superior cushioning and protection. It provides optimal shock absorption, significantly reducing the risk of dental injuries on the rugby pitch. Whether you’re a hooker in the front row or a fullback making last-ditch tackles, the ErgoFit has you covered.

Explore the full range of Sondico Mouth Guards now and find the perfect fit for your rugby needs, whether you’re playing in a friendly club match or competing at the highest level of professional rugby. Stay protected and stay in the game with Sondico

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