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Frequently Asked Questions

When should I use 8 Stud Rugby Boots?

8 Stud Rugby Boots are ideal for playing on soft or muddy pitches. The configuration of eight studs provides enhanced traction, stability, and grip in challenging field conditions. Players, especially forwards who frequently engage in scrums and rucks, may prefer 8 stud boots for the added stability they offer in these physical aspects of the game. While they can be used on firmer pitches, players should consider the specific playing surface and their position on the field when deciding to use 8 stud rugby boots.

Are 8 stud boots suitable for all playing positions?

While 8 stud boots are versatile and suitable for various positions, forwards, who often engage in scrums and rucks, may find the additional studs beneficial for maintaining stability in these physical situations.

What type of playing surfaces are 8 stud boots best for?

8 stud boots are well-suited for soft or muddy playing surfaces. The multiple studs help prevent slipping and provide stability on loose or uneven ground.

Can I use 8 stud boots on firmer pitches?

While 8 stud boots are designed for softer ground, some players still choose to use them on firmer pitches. However, it's essential to be aware that longer studs may not provide as much comfort or efficiency on firm ground.