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Frequently Asked Questions

Are Mizuno rugby boots suitable for wide feet?

Yes, Mizuno rugby boots, particularly the Morelia Neo, are specifically crafted for wide feet. These boots are designed with the Japanese foot in mind, which is generally wider and flatter than the average European foot. The Morelia Neo, with its tailored design, becomes an excellent choice for players with wide feet who are looking to enhance their playmaking on the rugby field.

Are Mizuno rugby boots true to size?

Yes, Mizuno rugby boots are true to size. When selecting your size, you can rely on the standard sizing measurements to find the perfect fit for your feet.

Are Mizuno rugby boots made from leather?

Yes, Mizuno rugby boots are crafted from K-leather. This high-quality material is lightweight, durable, and possesses excellent moisture-wicking properties, ensuring both performance and comfort on the rugby field.