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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the key differences between authentic and replica rugby shirts?

The key distinctions between authentic and replica rugby shirts lie in their purpose and usage. Authentic rugby shirts are designed to be worn by players during matches, crafted for on-field performance. In contrast, replica rugby shirts are a more budget-friendly option created specifically for fans to wear casually off the field. So, the primary difference is in their intended wearers and the settings in which they are worn.

What should I consider when choosing between short-sleeve and long-sleeve rugby shirts?

The choice between short-sleeve and long-sleeve rugby shirts often depends on personal preference and the weather conditions. Long-sleeve shirts provide extra coverage and warmth, while short-sleeve shirts are ideal for warmer weather.

What is the difference between home and alternate rugby jerseys?

#1. Home Rugby Jersey:

The home rugby jersey is the primary attire worn by a team when playing on their home ground. It typically features the team's traditional or official colours and design, serving as the most recognizable representation of the team's identity.

#2. Alternate Rugby Jersey:

Also referred to as the away jersey or second jersey, the alternate rugby jersey is designed for matches where the team's home jersey would clash with the opponent's jersey. It showcases a different colour scheme and design compared to the home jersey, ensuring visibility and distinction on the field. The alternate jersey allows the team to maintain its identity while adapting to specific match situations.