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The Lions epitomize everything that is great about rugby. Four countries side-by-side playing against the Southern Hemisphere’s finest players, showing levels of skill, commitment and power that are rarely seen on the field. Touring since 1888, the team return to South Africa in the summer of 2021 to take on the reigning World Champions in a 3-Test series, with Canterbury kitting out the players for this historical event.


The Lions shirt is far more than just a shirt. Drenched in the sweat of the legends who have worn it with such distinction and pride, steeped in stories told and untold, and capable of uniting traditional rivals in a spirit of brotherhood. It is only worn by the most deserving - the best of the best - with duty to hand it back in better shape than they received it. Wear it before earning it? No chance.

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Whether they’re on the training field or in the gym, the players will be leaving it all out there in an attempt to secure one of the twenty-three elusive Test jerseys. We’ve got training shirts and shorts, as well as two exclusive singlets.

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The players selected won’t just be representing the Lions on matchdays, with nearly every step of their off-field activity likely to be documented. From polo shirts to presentation pants, the squad will certainly look the part away from the pitch.

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“How long to go until the first Test?” We’ve got you covered with our British & Irish Lions countdown.


The British & Irish Lions Competiton 2021

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