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Neoprene Back Support

Neoprene Back Support


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Recommended for people with minor symptoms of central backache, the Vulkan back support is a popular and effective product that can be used for a variety of back problems.
The support can be used following a back injury or complaint, as well as for daily use while at home, at work, or during exercise or sport.
This neoprene back support provides compression and warmth to the lumbar area for lower back pain, and can also help to encourage a correct posture.
Contoured Aerotherm® neoprene back support for improved comfort - ideal for treatment and prevention of Sciatica and back pain.
When can I use it?
To relieve the symptoms of back pain and Sciatica.
For the relief of posture related back pain.
Which size do I need?
The velcro srap makes it easy to adjust to the correct size
How does it work?
Sciatica caused by irritation of a nerve root in the lower back can produce excruciating pain in the buttock, the hamstring, back of the knee, the calf or the heel. The contoured Vulkan Sciatica Support (Deluxe) is made from Aerotherm® neoprene, which provides comfortable support to the lower back region and improves posture. This can relieve the symptoms of Sciatica.
Back problems are often accompanied by painful back muscle spasm. The neoprene of the Vulkan Sciatica Support (Deluxe) provides therapeutic heat that can relieve muscle spasm in the back and relieve back pain. Vulkan premium quality Aerotherm® neoprene provides a fantastic combination of support, compression, heat retention and comfort. It has a unique spiral lining which is effective in removing excess perspiration.

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