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Fit For Rugby The Complete Guide for Strength Conditioning and Nutrition - eBook by Jon Ellery

Fit For Rugby The Complete Guide for Strength Conditioning and Nutrition - eBook by Jon Ellery

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Why carry around a normal, bulky book when an eBook is much more convenient and the way forward. That's the logic behind the 'Fit For Rugby: The Complete Guide for Strength Conditioning and Nutrition' eBook.

The information contained covers every aspect of the modern game, for rugby players who are serious about their sport. It contains the most current and up-to-date information on resistance program design and periodisation as well as an in-depth nutrition plans specific to each individual.

Each chapter in this book contains detailed information of improving each part of your game, from pre and post match meals and recovery, to position specific and Pre Hab drills. All this as well as over 60 pictures of exercise demonstration. You will even discover where some of the professionals go wrong!

If you want to improve your performance no matter what level you play at, this eBook is for you.

This eBook is purchased as a download. A link to download the eBook will be supplied by email within 24 hours of purchase.

Please note: This items is sold as an eBook and cannot be printed. However, the Mini Training Program that is included can be printed.


- Objectives of this eBook
- Your Trainers
- Testimony
- Personal Objectives

- Nutrition:

∙ Metabolic Typing
∙ Metabolic Typing Questionnaire
∙ Guidelines for a Protein Type
∙ Guidelines for a Carbohydrate Type
∙ Guidelines for a Mixed Type
∙ Pre and Post Match Nutrition
∙ Supplementation Program

- Dehydration
- Stimulants
- Support Services
- Recommended Books to Read
- Mental Preparation: Centring

- The Training:

∙ Energy Systems
∙ Periodisation
∙ The Training Year
∙ De loading/Recovery Weeks
∙ Warm Up
∙ Flexibility
∙ Myofacial Release
∙ The Core Lifts
∙ Strength Bands and Chains
∙ Olympic Lifts
∙ Plyometrics
∙ Core Strength
∙ Complex/Contrast Training
∙ Speed and Agility
∙ Pre Hab
∙ Position Specific Exercises
∙ Your Starting Program
∙ 5 Week in Season Program

- Appendix:

∙ Energy Systems
∙ Muscle Fibre Types
∙ The Ice Bath
∙ Plyometrics
∙ Stretch Shortening Cycle
∙ Real Strength ‒ The Westside Barbell Club
∙ Potential Dangers of Sucrolose
∙ Death by Sugar
∙ Types of Stretching
∙ Myofascial Release

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